Elev8arts C.I.C. can advise on and develop tailored art projects which benefit the community and promote creativity -  connecting artists to the public, community, business or the third sector.

We could help you work with an artist to tailor a CSR project which aligns to your aims or we could help you raise awareness on a charity campaign, perhaps you'd like to support local creative talent or need help to find artists and co-ordinate them on a project -  get in touch to see if we can help!

We are always looking at new ideas and ways to forge links and work across industries to make amazing creative things happen.

If you are simply looking to sponsor an arts project, we have a range of projects and work with community groups we would love to take forward that are in need of financial support.  We can work with you to find a suitable project or develop one that focuses on your passions and aims.

Whether it's to raise awareness, fundraise, support community, wellbeing or support artistic development we can advise and support you on being part of a meaningful art project with impact.


We love bringing people together through art. 

Art & wellbeing often go hand in hand and we enjoy arranging projects which unlock creativity and increase wellbeing.  This can be  by producing amazing works of art for people to enjoy and see every day or through arranging creative workshops - some of the best projects do both!

Art can shout loud and champion a cause, bring understanding and healing both in content and implicity through its creation.  We can help create projects which will bring your message to the public in meaningful ways.


Exhibitions, Murals, Paintings, Installation, Exterior Design, Participatory Workshops, Artist Residencies are just some of the ways to engage the public through art.

Artists have the ability to transform space, - walls, unloved areas, outbuildings and can work solo or with a group or community bringing fun and creativity to where it's needed

Artwork humanises and enhances our daily environment, it provokes a reaction and can bring people together and make people feel connected.  The positive effects of art are well documented and years of experience in public art projects has shown the positive effects on our community and engaging the public.


Elev8arts C.I.C  has a core network of professional artists and a wealth of talent to draw from. We give artists opportunitites to connect with people through their work across different platforms. 

We believe in the amazing resource of creative talent available in the North East and we specialise in projects which recognise and support this.  Our residency programme was all about developing and championing this talent.  If you are interested in supporting local artists, exhibitions and residencies please get in touch.  

With a focus on local talent, our projects based in the North East of Scotland would generally involve artists that reside here or have trained here.